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A special few websites worth a visit. They do not represent a comprehensive listing of people or organizations with something to say on energy matters, there are thousands of them. I have selected just three, because of their uniquely important perspectives: about energy policy, about conserving water, and about how the world can get around (on four or more wheels). Keep visiting this site to see what additional links I add: they will only be added if they have something to say.

  • Australian Institute of Energy The AIE is a broad church of people throughout Australia who give of their time to raising the level of debate in matters energy.

  • EGI Engineering Contracting Co. ltd. EGI, based in Budapest, offers the best technology available around the world for reducing the amount of water power stations lose as they generate power.

  • Calcars based in California, a non-profit organization set up to promote plug-in hybrid vehicles, arguably the silver bullet society needs to get away from its dependence on oil.
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