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Career Highlights

A selection of Richard Hunwick's career highlights are listed below:

  • Advisor since 1998 to Macquarie Generation (Bayswater and Liddell Power Stations) on new power station ventures and power generation technologies including those based on gas and renewable energy; greenhouse-gas abatement strategies; and, on water conservation.
  • Advisor since 2001 to EGI, Hungary, world leader in power station dry cooling.
  • Designed and piloted, at Warkworth Mine in the Hunter Valley, fuel handling facilities for Redbank, involving Jameson cells and high-speed centrifuges (included basic design and tender documentation for the commercial-scale plant, commissioned in late 2000) ;
  • Designed and piloted fuel-handling facilities for a formed-coke manufacturing project based upon coal fines from West Virginia, for Antaeus Energy (based in Boston).
  • Undertook the pre-feasibility design for a cogeneration plant for Holden Ltd, Adelaide.
  • Assessed the feasibility (included conceptual design) of a power generation and byproducts utilisation scheme for CSR Limited mills in the Burdekin Delta region.
  • Developed an experience curve-based model of global energy supply mix for 21st century.
  • Arranged funding, prepared reports for, and promoted, flywheel energy storage, with a view to establishing a FES system manufacturing industry in Australia.
  • Completed a literature search and technical review of current and emerging energy storage technologies of all scales, for EnergyAustralia.
  • Prepared a key market-survey report, which led to the establishment of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) R&D program, now operating as ASX-listed Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited.
  • Completed pre-feasibility studies for coal reject-fired power plants for Wambo, Mount Thorley and (proposed) Maules Creek coal mines. The Wambo study evolved into the Redbank Project (fuel source: tailings, subsequently changed to Warkworth Mine).
  • Secured Government R&D funds (NSW and Federal, total $0.5 million) in support of coal reject-fired power generation, focusing upon the key materials-handling processes.
  • Performed market surveys, marketed, process-commissioned (including trouble-shooting) capital equipment in, and otherwise gained hands-on exposure around the world to many heavy industries including mineral and food processing, and pulp and paper.
  • Organised half-day Seminars in 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 for Sydney Group of Australian Institute of Energy: Embedded Power Generation; Reducing Energy Consumption in Buildings; Energy in Transport in the New Millennium, and Energy from Waste Fuels respectively; organised and chaired the AIE’s National Conference Energy 2001; Australia’s Energy Futures, and full-day Energy in NSW 2004 Conference.
  • Chaired Sydney Branch of the Australian Institute of Energy from 1998-2001 inclusive.
  • Lectured in Corporate Strategy for the Institute of Chartered Secretaries (ICSA) for six years.
  • Formed Industrial Water Initiatives (IWI) in 2006, to develop and deploy dry cooling technology to reduce evaporative losses of water at power stations
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